Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Sanitizing, Deodorizing and Stink or Odor Removal

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A: YES!! Our product in any form shows no short or long term negative effects on the environment what so ever and after treatment is complete, is completely safe. The Alliance for Environmental Technology (AET) Certifies that the product we are using when applied properly does not constitute any risk against the environment. This product actually has been proven to biodegrade at a rapid rate in the environment. Stink Stompers applies and uses this product within all the approved applications by the EPA. The same sanitation product is used to stabilize bacteria and disease in live fish transports as well as being used in 1944 to disinfect drinking water from the Niagra Falls New York water treatment plant. When applied by a certified technician our product is far more environmentally friendly than other biocides and disinfectants including chlorine, bleach, and bromine. Stink Stompers has no valid competition for sanitation or odor removal. 100% GAURANTEED

No, we absolutely do not.  We use an organic compound that is an environmentally safe biocide – Ozone is definitely not.  Also, our organic compound in both liquid and vapor forms can penetrate much, much deeper than Ozone.  This is due to its molecular size being smaller than most odor causing molecules so it reaches and destroys more ODOR.  Last but not least, we never use an ozone solution because it’s been proven that Ozone produces dangerous disinfection by-products (DBPs) and it oxidizes bromide (Br-) ions into bromate ions (BrO3-) which have been identified as carcinogenic.  We only use safe and effective odor removing solutions that are EPA certified.

Viruses are a complex collection of bacteria cells that reproduce at a rapid rate inside a host cell. Our product eliminates viruses and bacteria by absorbing onto and penetrating the protein coat of said cell, therefore damaging the genetic capability of the virus to reproduce, rendering it ineffective.  The reaction with vital amino acids is one of the dominant processes of its action to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

• E.Coli

• Legionella
• Pneumophilia
• Streptococcus Facalis Bacillus
• Clostridium
• Amoebae
• Giardia
• Cryptosporidium
• Pseudomonas
• Alternaria
• Ascospores
• Aspergillus/Penicillium
• Basidiospores
• Bipolaris/Drechslera group
• Cercospora/Pseudocercospora
• Chaetomium
• Cladosporium
• Cladosporium sp.
• Cladosporium sphaerospermum
• Curvularia
• Epicoccum
• Fusarium
• Helicospores
• Myxomycetes/Periconia/Smuts
• Nigrospora
• And Many More

YES!! Due to the unique, effective action of this product and its ability to handle so many tasks in one application makes our product the most efficient on the market as well as affordable for any budget. There is not a deodorizing or sanitation product on the market that can come close to what this product can do in respect to value for your dollar.

• Cigarette smoke odor in vehicles, homes, clothes, campers & furniture
• Fire smoke odor in homes, commercial buildings, clothes, furniture & other enclosed areas and personal possessions
• Oil Field Industry/ H2s gas emissions, crude oil, hydraulic oil, diesel, gasoline & other petroleum odors
• Marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin, opium, hashish & many other narcotic odors
• Musty odors in basements
• HVAC drain pans
• Cat urine odor
• Dog urine and dander odor & eliminates bacteria
• Skunk odor
• Dead animal odors
• Crime scene odors
• Incense odors
• Mold odors (See page 2)
• Book mold and its’ odors
• Air duct system molds and odors
• Auto/bus/truck/tractor/RV gasoline & diesel odor
• Military/Law Enforcement vehicle, body armor, gear & personal cell odors
• Fire Dept./vehicle, body gear odors & eliminates MRSA
• Hunting gear scent and odors
• Sport/Work protective gear and shoe odors & eliminates MRSA
• Locker room odors & eliminates MRSA
• Gym facilities/shower/locker & equipment odors & eliminates MRSA
• Trailers/Campers carpet & furniture Formaldehyde odors
• Hotel/Home liquor odor

Our product produces a dense, organic gas that is attracted to the odor particles, disintegrates them and leaves only a trace of biodegradable residue or “salts”.

Our revolutionary, organic vapor system as well as our liquid applications, Eliminates all allergens from your home, office, and environment within hours.  Our product has a unique way of finding the harmful allergens at their source and removes them 100% of the time.

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